Brand new: we just released Trufflepiggy - Context Search if you prefer searching via your context menu.

- Quick Search

Find everything instantly on your fav sites
and save up to 60 seconds per search.

Find instantly.


Trufflepiggy - Quick Search the browser addon to find faster ≫.

  • +⌚️ Save up to 60secs per search: just select and find. No need to open a search engine tab inbetween, reenter search terms and wait for results you don't want.
  • +📚 Search on multiple sites at once: compare prices and translations and search for images, movies, or papers on multiple sites with just one click.
  • +❤️ Use your fav input: you can use Trufflepiggy entirely by Keyboard, mouse or mixed. Whatever suits you best.
  • +✍️ Personalise: select from or a growing list of searches or add your own within seconds.


The native Trufflepiggy - Quick Search add-on hasn't been released for Safari yet. However you can already start using Trufflepiggy as bookmarklet and as new tab.

To install just drag & drop the nose to your favbar
  1. Make sure your favbar is currently active. If not activate it by clicking ⌘ cmd + ⇧ shift + b.
  2. Now drag & drop the nose onto your favbar onto the first position(most left).
  3. You made it 🙌 ! Ready to try it!? Select, or double-click, any text you want like Lightspeed and click on the nose in your favbar or use ⌘ cmd + ⌥ alt + 1(the numbers equals the position in your favbar) to search for the text without re-typing or copy pasting.

Use Trufflepiggy for new tabs.

Further you can save even more time by using Trufflepiggy as start page on new tabs in 3 easy steps.

  1. Open your preferences (⌘ cmd + ,)
  2. In the general preferences set Open new window with and Open new tab with to Homepage
  3. Enter as new homepage and close the preferences.

Enjoy the new way of search and find.

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iOS & Android

Trufflepiggy the web-app to find instantly.

The use case for Trufflepiggy is a bit different on mobile than desktop. So right now we are only offering a web-app to speed up your mobile searches.

  • +🏆 Be the first to find the answer in a heated debate. Just start Trufflepiggy from your Homescreen and find instantly on your fav sites.
  • +✂️ Reduce data usage: loading unwanted search results reduces your data volume. Find instantly to use your data volume for more important things.
  • +🔋 Save battery: loading less sites and finding faster also means saving precious battery life.

Open in your mobile browser and use Add to Homescreen. For tutorials go here.


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