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Quick Search I. Basic Features | II. Advanced Features | III. Add and edit sites and groups

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Context Search & Quick Search
Search from your Omnibox

  1. Focus on the omnibox, a.k.a. address bar.
  2. Type T and SPACE to activate the Trufflepiggy omnibox search.
  3. Type your desired search-truffle or search-group. You can also type an abbreviation instead of the full name.
  4. Select suggestions with your and keys
  5. Optional: to add multiple search-truffles use , as seperator. Don't use SPACE after the COMMA.
  6. Press SPACE and add your search term
  7. Start your search - press ENTER.

Please be aware that the shown suggestions in Firefox are always one key stroke behind due an internal browser bug. For more information see here:

Quick Search
I. Basic Features

Select and find

Select any text on a website and click on the appearing Trufflepiggy nose. Then choose the target site where you want to find it.

Try it Select any word on this site.

New search

You can open a new search on any website anytime by clicking on the add-on icon demo or use a shortcut: ctrl + shift + f(Win/Lin) or cmd + alt + s(Mac).

Modify search

You can modify any search term. Just click into the input field. To toggle quickly between the search input and activated shortcuts you can press Tab ↹.

Find on multiple sites at once

With Trufflepiggy you can also find anything on multiple sites at once. Group searches are highlighted by a icon.

Hint To create you own group searches take a look at III. Personalise for best use section.

Close overlay

To close the overlay just click on the background or press esc.

Hint Per default Trufflepiggy is auto-closing after non-modified searches(select and find).

Quick Search
Advanced features

Keyboard shortcuts

Just press the shown key(without any modifier key) to activate the related action.

Quick access to all searches

Sometimes you want to search a site that's not on your favourites list. To access any search of our catalogue you can type ! + sitename or any abbrevation. Navigate the results via mouse or use and keys.

Hint Pressing ! works even when your focus is not on the search field.

Select words in links

Usually you can't select any words in links like e.g. long headlines on news sites. With Trufflepiggy you just need to click and hold for a moment to convert the link to a selectable text string. To revert just click somewhere else.

Hint In the options you can also activate the middle mouse button to make links instantly selectable.

Quick Search
III. Add and edit sites and groups

Edit search items

After sign up you can edit your search items. Just drag and drop to reorder your searches or add new sites and groups.

Hint Once signed up you can use your setup on multiple devices.

Add new sites

Before you can add a new site. Use the site filter to see if the site already exists. If not a form appears. Then just follow the shown step by step instructions. Per default all sites are public and can be selected by others after approval.

Hint Choose the private option for e.g. intranet sites.
Hint In depth instructions can be found at our user tutorials section.

Add new groups

With groups you can search on multiple sites at once. Click create new group on the edit search screen. Then enter a group name and drag and drop any search items into the drop area. Last but not least save the group and you are done.

Hint Beside some predefined groups your personal groups are always private.

Contact us

If you still need help or have questions contact us. We are glad to help.