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Privacy policy

Last update on 19.09.2019

About our data use

Note We will never ask you for your password via email or messenger after you have signed up.
Hint You can download all your personal data at our GDPR self-service.

Data controller

  • Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Mautner Markhof - Creator & Founder of Trufflepiggy

We use the following data

  • Data submitted during sign up: email and name(only social logins) and password(only email).
  • Email addresses will be used for password recovery and to inform you about important company updates.
  • Your extension setup, options and created search items will be stored on our servers to keep a backup and allow extended sync options. For more details continue reading at our Quick Search and Context Search section further below.


  • All passwords are stored and secured in a hash format so they aren't readable by anyone including us.
  • Each password uses it's own salt.
  • All login and sign up pages are only accessible through encrypted connections(https).
  • Our servers are in secured datacenters in Germany.

Data storage duration

  • We only try to save and keep data that is essential for providing and constantly evaluating our service. Therefore most data will be saved indefinitely.
  • If you delete your profile all personal and private information will be deleted.
  • Some data like your private search items or your extension options can be deleted/resetted anytime manually on the related pages.
  • Generated data for public use, e.g. public searches, will be kept even if you delete your account, to guarantee a smooth experience for our other users.

Trufflepiggy - Context Search browser extension

  • The Trufflepiggy - Context Search browser extension is a addon that adds advanced search capabilities to your context menu.
  • Beside the information you may enter on our website during the setup process no data will be transfered or stored about you.
  • Right now no information will be tracked about your web activity while you search with Trufflepiggy - Context Search.

Trufflepiggy - Quick Search browser extension

  • The Trufflepiggy - Quick Search browser extension is a content script that adds some functionality via the downloaded extension files to any website you visit.
  • During this process no data will be transferred to our server at any time.
  • As soon as you start Trufflepiggy by clicking on the browser extension icon, using the shortcut, or the Trufflepiggy nose, Trufflepiggy will be loaded from our servers via an iframe.
  • At this point we don't save any information about the websites you visit. We only update some general user data like last login time and view count. The same as you would visit our website directly.
  • Only when you search something Trufflepiggy tracks some stats with the sole purpose to improve the service and enable not yet released features. We track the following data:
    • Search term, if a shortcut was used, used search item, user id(if logged in), which extension was used, country, date, and referrer. This experimental data has been evaluated and will be used for Quick Search 2.0, the collected data has been deleted from our servers, and the service has been disabled on 29th of June 2018. Although some extension versions still send data to the server nothing will be stored. Transmission will be removed in later updates.
  • If you use incognito or private browsing or enable enhanced privacy in your extension options none of the mentioned search data will be transmitted or saved from us.

Google Analytics Disclaimer

To further improve your privacy all Google Analytic scripts have been removed from trufflepiggy.com.

Google AdSense Disclaimer

Currently the website doesn't use any AdSense integration. However we reserve the right to eventually use Google AdSense to display ads. Google's use of the DoubleClick cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and/or other sites on the Internet.

Hint Take a look at our cookie information to change some settings.

Last but not least

We have the deepest respect for your privacy. So if you still have some questions please feel free to contact us any time.