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Terms of use

Last update on 8.5.2024 (Added affiliate partners explanation)


We try to keep our terms of use as short and simple as possible. At all we just want to offer you one of the best search and find tools on the market. If you have questions you can always contact us on facebook or twitter.


  1. Trufflepiggy is a free to use web service and browser add-on software that enables you to find everything instantly on your favourite sites.
  2. We are not responsible if you might have too much time on one's hand after using our services and add-ons.
  3. By visiting and using our website and add-ons you agree to our terms of use.
  4. We reserve the right to offer our policies(terms of use, privacy policy, cookie information) only in english or german because we can't afford any other translations yet.
  5. We may show you ads, also from 3rd party ad-networks, while searching.
  6. Offered site searches may have an affiliate tag associated with them. See a list of our partners below.
  7. We may add/remove affiliate tags of your created public sites
  8. Don't contribute sites with an affiliate tag of your own.
  9. We reserve the right to refuse or change any submitted contributions without reason.
  10. We reserve the right to to make minor changes of our policies without contacting you personally by email. Updates will be mentioned in the changelog. Future updates may be announced in-app or via our social channels.
  11. By using our services you acknowledge that we may use aggregated data for commercial purposes and to develop new features. However we don't sell individual personalized data. We respect your privacy.
  12. You acknowledge our privacy policy and cookie information.
  13. We, Trufflepiggy e.U., are not liable for any damages the use of our software might cause.
  14. If one of terms above isn't valid in your country it shall not invalidate other terms.

Affiliate Partners

We may be compensated if you are using search-items from our affiliate partners.

  • Ebay, Humble Bundle, Rum-depot.de, Adcell.de, Walmart.com, Walmart.ca