Context Search Update 0.1.0:
🎄 Christmas comes early… 🎄

Hi, great to see you again ⛄️,

I have been super busy since the last 007 update and coded day and night* to bring you great new features right before christmas. If you like them please leave a review later. Thank you. But let's jump right to the new features:

  1. New All Open in background, private window,…
    You can now choose to open new searches not only in your current or a new tab, but also if you want it to open in the background, or in a new (private) window and more.

    New open in options

  2. New Firefox Modifier key support
    As Firefox user you can now use Shift, Ctrl or Command(on Mac) to open your searches in an alternative way - like in a new private window instead of a tab.
  3. New All Tineye & other new image searches
    We improved the context awareness for clicks on images. You can now lookup images on TinEye, Bing, Yandex, Baidu or Google. This more or less offers the same functionality as the official TinEye addon in case you wanna reduce your addon footprint in 2018.

    New open in options

  4. New Firefox Favicons #ftw!
    The Firefox context menu now (optionally) shows the website icons. So finding your favourite search should be even faster.

    New open in options

  5. Bugfixes Add-on storage usage after clicking restoring to default settings fixed.

Coming in 2018:

  • Editor Overwrite default names as you wish.
  • Editor More filter options based on language, type of website,…
  • Editor Possibility to edit created links as long as they are not approved.
  • …and many other improvements…

Ideas, feedback, reviews & ratings:

If you like Trufflepiggy Context Search please spread the word and leave a rating or review at the webstore. If you have ideas for Context Search, found a bug, or need help please contact me. Thank you very much.

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.
Frohe Weihnachten und Prosit Neujahr,

Clemens from Trufflepiggy

* I have been coding 165 hours in the last 2 1/2 weeks to bring you this update.

Coding time