Context Search Update 0.5.0:
Close tabs on search, sub-domain search & more…

Dear Trufflepiggy user 🐽,

It's been a while. I'm currently working on multiple fronts so this late summer update took a bit longer than expected. Update 0.5.0 introduces two new features:

  1. New All Close tabs on search:
    I added two new options so you can now close inactive or other search tabs in the current window on a new search for a better overview. You can even decide if you want to trigger the close action for all searches, single-searches, or only group-searches. Thanks for the idea Jesús. - Update your options now.
  2. New All Sub-domain search
    Next to searching the current domain, you can now also use a google search for the current sub-domain. This can be very useful e.g. when you are reading an article on and just want to find other articles by the author. Or if you are on the sports section of a newspaper website and just want sports search results... It's not fail-safe but a pretty good start. Thanks for the idea Hashem.
  3. Bugfixes Fixed a tab order bug with group searches in new windows. As always thanks Michel for your valuable inputs.

Current issues:

  • Twitter Login temporarily not working due recent Twitter API changes our Twitter login is temporarily not working. I have to wait until my dev account gets reapproved. This review is already going on for almost two weeks and there is no indication how long it takes. So if you are using Twitter login please don't logout til this issue is resolved. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Currently work in progress:

  • Context Search Sync this update already adds some mandatory changes for a new sync feature on startup. So you can more easily keep your Context Search installations in sync even if you don't use the native Chrome or Firefox sync.
  • Quick Search v1.5 I'm still working on the intermediary update for Quick Search, that merges the Context Search code base with Quick Search, so I can then fully focus on the Quick Search v2.0 which is planned for late 2018.
  • Other things like Regex rules and special domain searches are currently on hold until the update above is done.

Ideas, feedback, reviews & ratings:

As always if you like Trufflepiggy Context Search please spread the word and leave a rating or review at the webstore. If you have ideas for Context Search, found a bug, or need help please contact me. Thank you very much.

Thank you for using Trufflepiggy and all the best,
Clemens - Creator of Trufflepiggy