Quick Search v1.9:
New design, multiline search,
draggable overlay, new options & more.

Dear Trufflepiggy user 🐽,

It's time for another big update: Quick Search v1.9 is here! Watch the video below for a full overview of all new features and improvements based on your feedback:

Quick Search v1.9 most distinguish feature is it's new more compact design. Lighter, brighter and yet still 100% Trufflepiggy. We also added the multiline search from our experimental Trufflepiggy Labs. Beside that we also added a few new highly requested options to turn the extras on and off. Last but not least we added the possibility to drag the overlay around so you can better maintain view on the website content below. Enjoy and happy findings.

  1. EPIC All New overlay design:
    We reduced the design footprint in v1.9 by over 13%. The spacings of the search-items are narrower, we reduced the footer height and the hints are now shown only when certain features are in use. We also reduced the use of pink. Although we loved the hand drawn background it consumed a lot of space. When your focus is now on the search input field the magnifying glass switches its colour.
  2. EPIC All Multi-line search:
    By pressing SHIFT + ENTER ↲ or ALT + ENTER ↲, depending on your browser and operating system, you can now search multiple search-terms at once. Each new line will be recognized as an additional search term. So if you have e.g. a list of different words you would like to translate all at once you can do so now. A hint will appear below the search input field when active.
  3. New All Draggable Overlay
    When you need to look at the website below the overlay without closing Trufflepiggy you can now drag the overlay around. Just click on the pink bar at the top of the overlay. Double click to reset it's position.
  4. New All New options
    One of the most requested thing was the option to make the extras section like sub-domain searches optional. You can now toggle it on and off for the overlay and/or the context menu. Another recent request was to make the link-to-text conversion timer on click and hold adjustable.


The past 20 months have been a roller coaster ride with a few ups but unfortunately even more downs so we are a bit cautious with our outlook. However the editor is on top of our todo list before working on v2.0.

  • Editor revamp one of the main updates will feature the ability to rename and update public search-items that haven't been created by yourself. Another big feature that has already been worked on in the past, but never finished, are shareable search-setups and search-groups for e.g. university research groups.
  • Chrome version updates Chrome and Chrome related browser will eventually require and update to its new manifest version 3.0. These necessary updates will also be completed before continuing our work on Quick Search v2.0 and its two new main features that will completely change how you can use Trufflepiggy - Quick Search.

Ideas, feedback, reviews & ratings:

As always if you like Trufflepiggy Quick Search please spread the word and leave a rating or review at the webstore. If you have ideas for Quick Search, found a bug, or need help please contact me. Thank you very much.

If you have questions please write me. Thank you for using Trufflepiggy and all the best,
Clemens - Creator of Trufflepiggy